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Our offer includes the following:

We guarantee the highest level of workmanship and competitive prices.

Electrical engineering emergency service is a project aimed at providing small companies with low cost services and installations that are required by Electrical Power Engineering Law, building regulations and instructions of the State Labor Inspection that require supervision of electrical installations in every building where such installations may be in use. The package offered by us includes the following services:

All the above services are included in the amount of the service fee – excluding any materials used for repairs. In addition, our modernization and investment teams can modernize or develop existing electrical power installations at fair prices with a 20% discount.

The approximated costs of using the Emergency Electrical Engineering Service (cost factors include the size of the electrical installation network and the input power and installed power, the exponent of which translates to pre-measurement protection, installed in accordance with the specifications set by EPSA for supplying electrical power):

In the case of new installations, constructed in according to applicable regulations, one can get a discount! In the case of many structures or buildings in many parts of town the prices are also reduced – sometimes even by 50%.

[the Cora plane] The aim of is our next project - Emergency Air Service is to meet the needs of the customers. Thanks to this project companies located a greater distance from the city can rely on our assistance while solving their technical problems. At the moment final preparatory work in launching the service is in progress: the training of staff for piloting aircraft and modernizing the Cora plane so that it will be equipped for future tasks.