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Includes products of renown companies. We provide our cooperators with sales know-how essential in order to meet the needs of a customer and an investor. We offer preferential trading conditions to our regular customers. Basic materials and products are stored in our storage halls and are available at once, other materials are delivered within 48 hours, only in case of special orders one needs to wait up to 4 weeks. We invite you to cooperation within the following areas:

Companies, whose products are included in our offer:

SCHRACK Energietechnik

Schrack is an Austrian company. Its products are known and used throughout Europe. The company’s offer includes all products used in electrical power engineering. We offer all Schrack products, however, we especially recommend the switching stations and the equipment mounted on DIN bars. This is because we think that a module-based system has a promising future.


This company is an unquestionable leader in the production of overvoltage and lightning protection. It also offers a whole range of the products mentioned above. A considerable sales history of the company’s products on the Polish market makes it possible for the company to offer high quality products at attractive prices in comparison to the competition.


Polish company, which manufactures switching stations that meet world standards. The company also manufactures cubicles, housings and other boxes used in electrical power engineering. Currently, a catalogue of cable connectors of cable distribution boxes for Energetyka Szczeciñska S.A. is being prepared. They will be manufactured from plastic, accordingly to the recommendations of ESSA and PN.


Disan is one of the greatest world manufacturers of central vacuum cleaning system. It offers an extremely wide range of central vacuum cleaning systems equipped with very efficient, economic and silent motors. Depending on the floor area and character of the building, appropriate types of central units are chosen: beginning with units for home use and finishing with units which are capable of cleaning 6.000 m2 by 6 people cleaning simultaneously. The company offers a very rich selection of accessories for cleaning including a number of special attachments. A central vacuum cleaning system is comfort of cleaning in silence and ideal air filtration thanks to a system of dust discharge through a very efficient filter. DISAN is the only company that equips its cleaning systems with double titanic filters and an additional filtering system.