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PRICE LIST - Outlet and service outlet panel points

Outlet point and service outlet panel points
1Outlet point for inside top lighting60,00
2Outlet point for inside wall light58,00
3Outlet point for outside illumination65,00
4Outlet point for outside garden illumination80,00
5Outlet point for outside park illumination150,00
6Outlet point for outside street illumination400,00
7Outlet point for outside barrier illumination120,00
8Outlet point for 220/380 V socket90,00
9Outlet point for 220 V socket50,00
10Outlet point for 220/380V feeder cable50,00
11Outlet point for 220V feeder cable90,00
12Outlet point for antenna jack60,00
13Outlet point for phone jack45,00
14Outlet point for computer jack - twisted pair of 5th cat. 50,00
15Alarm outlet point40,00
16Outlet point for acoustic jacks50,00
17Outlet point for central vacuum cleaning system200,00
18Outlet point for ventilation 220V60,00
19Outlet point for outside roller blinds60,00
20Outlet point for inside slats55,00
21Outlet point for entry phone100,00
22Outlet point for entry video-phone150,00
23Fire outlet point45,00
24Outlet point for EIB bus-bars35,00
25Outlet point for automatic gates and windows60,00
26Outlet point for connecting switching stations100,00
27Equipotential outlet point25,00
28Service outlet panel point for cross-connecting a switching station in TH 35 bar system18,00
29Service outlet panel point for connecting a switching station to installation15,00
30Service outlet panel point for ZUG connections5,00